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It is important that the agent you choose works for you. Working with a trusted expert and buyers advocate helps you achieve your dream of home ownership without unpleasant surprises.
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Urbanista Buyers Agents are experts in downtown residential real estate. They are the first to know about new pocket listings and the hottest inventory in Downtown Orlando. They’re educated on of all the latest local and national home buying trends in residential financing.  Experts in their field, they will guide you in locating your downtown home; financing your investment and getting you through the buying process.

You’ll need a buyer’s agent who is:
1. Committed to your best interests

For some agents, the sale is more important than the client's satisfaction. Our buyer agents only handle buyers and have a strong incentive to find client-appropriate properties. As an exclusive buyers agent Urbanista provides without limitation, fiduciary duties to the buyer that include undivided loyalty, confidentiality and full disclosure.

2. Full Time Professional

You need a full-time buyers agent with experience and education. Our agents have numerous certifications and undergo regular training to stay informed of the latest changes in New York real estate. They work full time to find unbiased information about the best properties in the city.

3. Able To Find And Compare Properties

The best agents understand the Orlando, Florida property market and know how to match properties to their clients. Urbanista agents create a comparable market analysis report for properties of interest and never waste time on substandard apartments that won't meet their clients' expectations.

4. Able To Determine True Value

Our agents know how to determine the true value of a home, even when it has not been staged properly. We can see through misleading copy and give you real information about the investment potential of any home Urbanista agents will also preview potential properties, greatly cutting down on the time that it takes you to find the perfect home or investment.

5. A Skilled Negotiator

The selling price of a home is largely determined through a negotiation process. In Florida, sellers have experienced agents who know how to negotiate--every buyer needs the same resource. Our agents optimize your overall value by helping you decide on a starting price and by negotiating intelligently and firmly for the best possible gain.

6. Thorough, Transparent And Capable

Throughout the home buying process, you will want a fast, reliable point of contact. Urbanista buyer agents are responsive and thorough. They give you accurate information that you need to make important decisions about your new home. Our agents are dedicated client representatives, and when you work with Urbanista, you will feel confident and informed every step of the way.