Your Personal Rental Agent
Save time and money with an Urbanista rental agent who is on top of the latest vacancies and move in cost for downtown rentals. Urbanista Rental Agents works with your budget, credit and living requirements to locate your new downtown home. Best of all, the service is FREE.
Questions That Help us Locate Your Home:
  • What is your space requirement?  1/1, 2/2…
  • What is your monthly budget (Not including utilities)
  • When is your move in date?
  • How’s your credit?
  • Where do you work?
  • Have you been arrested?
  • Do you have a pet(s)?
  • How many cars do you have?
Downtown Rental Locator Service:
  • Property Tours
  • Rental List
  • Pictures - Video
  • Weekly Inventory Updates
  • Credit Counseling
  • Job Relocation
  • Short Term Rentals
  • Furnished
  • Inside Information
Below is a step-by-step guide on renting an apartment in Downtown Orlando, we hope you find it useful.

The counselor will help you determine when to come to Orlando to begin your rental search. The counselor will conduct a comprehensive assessment to establish your needs, determine a budget, and set up a time frame for your search. On average, rentals in downtown Orlando are available to view by perspective tenants and their agents thirty days (30) prior to the expiration of the current tenant's lease. If you attempt to begin your housing search too early, you will invariably find that your viewable housing options are extremely limited.


You will most likely need the following documentation. If you assume that there are no exceptions to the items on these lists, you will have the documentation needed to apply for virtually any rental home in Orlando.

  • Letter from your employer stating position, salary and length of employment. (or start date if you have not yet begun working)
  • Last two (2) pay stubs (if already working)
  • Last two (2) years tax returns
  • Last two (2) months bank statements
  • Name, addresses, and phone numbers of previous landlords
  • Two personal reference letters
  • Two business reference letters
  • Verification of other assets such as real estate, securities, etc.
  • Photo identification

If you have yet to open an Orlando bank account or do not have a social security number, let your agent know in advance of your arrival. In cases where you are applying for an apartment in a highrise condo or single family, be prepared to present a complete description of your assets and liabilities.


Appointments generally take anywhere from fifteen minutes to several hours. We recommend planning on spending two hours on each appointment. This schedule will allow you enough time to view a good number of rental options without fatiguing yourself. It might take one appointment to find your new home, it might take a couple.


Once you find a home that suits you, you must fill out an application, submit documentation, and pay application fees. If there are any negotiations of terms, your agent will oversee this process.

Financial Requirements:

  • Most landlords require that your guaranteed income be between 40 to 50 times the monthly rent. For example, if the monthly rent were $3,000 month, you would need to show a guaranteed income of at least $120,000 per year. ($3,000 x 40 = $120,000)
  • Estimated bonus may be considered if a documented history of bonuses can be provided.
  • Discuss your financials and potential credit problems with your agent in advance. Being "on the same page" with your Urbanista agent in regards to your financial situation can save an enormous amount of time and energy.
  • If your guaranteed yearly income falls below the landlord's requirement, there are other factors that may be taken into consideration, such as income from other sources, housing allowances, or the use of a 'guarantor'
  • Landlords may accept roommates' combined incomes to determine financial qualification for an apartment. In other words, if the rent for an apartment is $2,500, the landlord would want to see a total income of about $100,000. If both roommates make at least $50,000 annually, they could 'combine' their incomes in order to qualify for the apartment. If the landlord does not allow for combined incomes, or if the combined total is not enough, they will require a 'Guarantor' or 'Lease Co-signer', a person who accepts financial liability in the event you or your roommates fail to pay the rent.


If you are bringing a pet along, your rental choices will be limited. The some of the landlords in Orlando do not allow dogs. Some allow cats but not dogs; some allow one dog only. Certain landlords have a weight requirement for dogs, usually 60 pounds or less. It may also depend on the breed and temperament of the dog. If you plan on keeping a pet, please notify your agent prior to your apartment search so they can screen out the buildings that do not accept pets. We strongly discourage you from moving an animal into a building if the policy prohibits pets, as you will jeopardize your tenancy rights.

Typical Pet Fees: $250-$500 Nonrefundable


Rent, security, and any brokerage fees are due at lease signing in the form of certified funds. Urbanista Relocation has the ability to provide you with certified funds if requested. You may wire your funds into our account and we will present bank checks on your behalf. Notify your banker of this possibility in advance. Funds wired internationally can take up to a week before they are accessible here in the U.S. Urbanista Relocation will also accept your charge card for payment of rent / security and provide those funds to your new landlord. (When using your credit card, there will be an additional 3% service charge.) When you have received official approval you will need to arrange for a move-in date with your landlord or possibly with the building superintendent. This process may involve reserving a service elevator. Keep in mind that move-ins are generally limited to Monday through Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM.

The bottom line is that renting in Downtown Orlando is a different experience than anywhere else in the Central Florida. The process, requirements, and timing are all unique, so it is advised that you leave all other rental experiences "at the door" and be prepared for something brand new. But just because it is different does not mean it has to be difficult or unpleasant. Renting in Downtown is an adventure, and as with any adventure, if you're prepared, you'll be able to handle and even appreciate the unexpected with grace.